Sound of rain

The closer we get, the better the understanding. But what if this supposed understanding leads to discontentment and refusal of acceptance? The cracks of relationships finally surfaced. Will this bottled up feelings be appeased?

I really hate penchés

“Generally speaking, the most miserable people I know are those who are obsessed with themselves; the happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others…By and large, I have come to see that if we complain about life, it is because we are thinking only of ourselves.”

Gordon B. Hinckley
Pulling through a full run through of advance 1 syllabus meant a great feat to me. It was certainly some vigorous work out but what surprised me the most was my own competitiveness; and the result which followed. I could no longer feel my legs after having completed centre work but somehow I desperately wanted to pull through pointe work as far as I can.
Because it will be embarrassing if I can’t do it.
I was glad it ended off relatively well and for once I felt satisfied with my consecutive pose turns ( I can’t even do a proper one for ages). The next question is if I’m up for the exam next year.
There are a million and one things to be worked on and I know it better than anyone else how far my standard is from the required one.
Rather than willpower, courage is what I need most but I can’t seem to find it.

I don’t wanna sit on the pavement while you fly

IMG_20140907_220748It was said that you learn the most when you participate events alone, so I gave it a shot in the most recent Cafe Fest 2014. While it wasn’t the most smooth sailing event, it certainly was a fresh experience for me as a volunteer.

So apparently because the location was open to public, security wasn’t tight enough and public could enter regions supposedly limited to only VIP pass holders. To make matters worse, cafes were also selling F&B to public, which was not supposed to be the case because apparently the festival was only open to pass holders.

Call it suay or suay, I volunteered for the 2nd day of the festival and numerous pass holders were simply upset. Somehow, the team braved through the entire day and wrapped things up decently.

IMG-20140907-WA0017Thankfully, I met an awesome team, mainly made up of people in their 20s but from all walks of lives. With several being graphic designers and others as students, I was lucky enough they were all amicable to start conversations with.

While the ugly side of unhappy customers surfaced unexpectedly, witnessing how the team came together and appeasing customers was truly a moving sight. For not shying away from disgruntled customers and enduring the heat, much thanks to my fellow troopers!

Attending an event alone had always been on my bucket list. And because I lacked the courage in doing so till recently, the sense of achievement is truly satisfying.



I’ll be frank. I had been procrastinating to write on this site for the past 2 weeks. I  wanted to blog about cafe fest ( oh yes the big huha) originally but I shall leave that till next time.

I realised I got braver. Maybe not towards a live changing decision but I shall view this as a start.

For the first time ever, I was so so glad that I took up Korean language classes, because those 10 foundation classes certainly did not go to waste.

I audaciously spoke Korean to a K-Pop group.

And it became best decision I had made throughout the week.

I didn’t plan on doing so, especially when there are 15 media representatives present and I was shaking like a leaf the moment I saw B.A.P.

IMG_0258It was definitely my first time seeing idols so close up offstage not to even mention about interviewing them. I remembered saying I was withdrawing from K-Pop scene but this group pulled me back straight in within a week.

The 1st appeal: they rap and the underground rapper( the leader) totally took me by surprise. 2nd appeal: they have a slight bigbang aura but the latter was a more R&B style while B.A.P leaned towards a more hip hop style. 3rd appeal: the leader wrote all the songs in their Korean full album.( wow for a rookie group). 4th appeal: they sing live for all performances, because they have remarkable vocals and they suck at lip syncing (music videos prove it all)


But amongst all my heart thumping moments throughout the 45 min interview, I got the chance to ask my bias of the group (the leader) about his most heartfelt song produced thus far.


And he replied while staring at me for 10 seconds straight.

Best experience with an idol I can ever ask for.

The biggest takeaway I had after that day was that I felt empathetic towards them, though maybe just a tad. I went to the interview as a fan but attended their MTV live recording session with the mindset of a media. The boys seemed like unreachable stars on stage because of their profession, flashy outfits and large scaled backdrops. And because fans possibly grew too comfortable with this familiar side of idols/celebrities, they had forgotten the fact that people on stage are people. I had almost forgotten about this too, until I had the chance to talk to them up close. Hearing for myself that they are deprived of small enjoyments in life, I genuinely understood that this profession is not one which anyone can take upon.

B.A.P sure is one group to look out for. More than anything, I earnestly hope that this young group stay root to their individuality in music in years to come.

2012 B.A.P debut showcase ( perf by Yong Guk & Dae Hyun)

Photos all taken by the photographer I went with. She was literally judging me the whole evening HAHAHA.


When a rocker meets a ballad singer and rapper…

Had always wanted a collaboration between Tablo and Yoon Do Hyun but never expected K Will’s voice to fit in so perfectly. This has got to be one of the best collaborations of the year!

Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold


My desire in earning an editorial internship started during my internship at LAA last year and ever since then I had been scrambling through cyber space in search of an editorial assistant position.

It took me months in finding one, basically because such internships were only open for diploma students. Having declined several times, it was frustrating on my end so when I submitted my application alongside my one and only writing sample to my current company, all I wished for was an interview and not a straight rejection.

Few days after the interview, I got a call stating I was offered the job.

It’s been slightly more than a week since I last started work. Hectic right from day 1, and the morning rush hour and waking at 7am every day ( have been sleeping in till 10am for the last 8 months or so) didn’t help. But I found myself anticipating work every morning, because for once it wasn’t routine work I was facing.

True that I had mundane work at times and I was pressed for time on publishing dates. The House Style for one thing was stressing me out because every detail mattered, sometimes at the expense of my writing style. Uncomfortable but compromise it is. Busy days forced me to work with 3 monitor screens simultaneously with the Nescafe coffee machine being my new best friend. Sounds overworked huh. I’m still alive and kicking no worries!

The fun element of my work is probably what keeps me going. From attending concerts to holding interviews, meeting new people always makes me excited. Oh of course, all the media passes for concerts and movie premieres are just shiok!

I’m glad for this fast-paced working environment however because it pushes me real hard while forcing me to step out of my comfort zone at times. It is indeed tougher than expected but I haven’t felt such sense of accomplishment and joy for ages.

On a side note, Chrissy Costanza looks really good in person, I was star-struck for a moment! hehehe