funny how i start my first post on a new blog with a title “END”. well, do not be mistaken for instead of telling you all the minute details about me, why not i talk about my school life in 2012?


so.. this is my life as a JC1 student. to start it off, i was a dsa student who came into nyjc through guzheng. fortunately/unfortunately, i made it through and in feb a 4-day orientation kicks off my JC life. orientation was pretty awkward for the first 2 days but we got warmed up after few rounds of icebreaking/ bonding games. and as to how much fun i had on disco night, the fact that i fell asleep within a minute that night explains it all.during the orientation, one of Helios’ family OGL told us “just throw your face away and play for now, for this is the only time you can play without worries in your entire JC life”. i had no idea why the hell she said that, but when orientation ended, when we started our official lessons, i finally knew why.

if someone were to ask me: “summarise your J1 life in 1 word”, my reply would be: “hell.” to elaborate on that, basically i haven’t been studying so much even for my Os. i only remembered chionging math papers after math papers 1 month before Os and now i’ve actually been studying ALMOST everyday. come to think about it, my J1 life really seem to revolve around books, and only books. turning into a nerd is me.

academics aside, people in nyjc are really.. widely varied. Other than meeting people whom i can connect well with, other’s weirdness range from high to low. because people tend to build their culture in secondary schools, we naturally bring our culture along with us to JC. with a mixture of all kinds of culture, guess you can predict what’s next. i had a hard time adjusting to JC and a large part of it has got to do with different kinds of schoolmates i have. somehow, after getting along with them, i have unknowingly lost myself and come to think of it, i’ve struggled to find myself back but always to fall back into my comfort zone. but on the brighter side, when i talk/meet up with xms people, that’s when the “ah~ it feels like home” feeling comes back. and for the very first time, i felt this spectacular warm feeling.

they say JC lets you see the world clearer and after 10 months in JC, i understood why. JC is filled with all kinds of people of the same age, or maybe just 1-2 years difference and that’s when we start to realise who are the selfish ones, the ones who are willing to help others in need, the hypocrites, the closet muggers, basically the kind of people we will meet in the future workforce. and i would say the root of these traits is competition. because of competition to be the top student, to be in the honor roll or to even just pass the promotion criteria, people start to revolve around themselves. and that is when “me, myself and i” attitude can be seen so clearly on almost everyone’s face. initially, i was very much bewildered by this sight and being surrounded by complicated people everyday, i would spend my nights thinking all the “whys”, which explains my tiredness every morning in school. at the end of a few months i did not figure out all the “whys”, but instead have accepted some while keeping the rest at the back of my head, hoping to get my answers in the near future.

my mum previously asked me “have you ever regret going to jc?” i really do not have a definite answer now but i believe i will only have it once i’ve completed my As or probably receiving my Alvl results. as for now, i can only say, that i am in the midst of shaping my future.


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