Day 3- Something You Held



Held this fluffy yellow ball when i was a kid during a random trip to Singapore’s one and only zoo. Oh wait maybe it’s Jurong Birdpark. Well doesn’t matter, for the point is, I’ve held it! I remember all these chicks were in a wooden box and kids were all surrounding it. As a kid myself back then, i pushed through the sea of kids just to see what’s going on. And there they were, over 10 chicks were in the box and children were constantly trying to put them on their hands. After hesitating for a short while, i finally picked up one and put it on my hand. And oh my god the legs were so sharp and powerful! the chick jumped off my hand 2s after i’ve placed it there ): Nevertheless, it was still a unique experience to me for at least i got to snatch with the kids just to hold something cute and not the materialistic toys.


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