pardon me for the boring title and well since the year is coming to an end i shall write some reviews of the dramas (both korean and taiwan) i’ve watched. i’ve gotta admit that i’ve watched several meaningless dramas this year so i shall review those dramas that have well.. laid an impact on me.

49 days.

i watched this drama during my post O level days but i did not finish it the moment i found out that it’s a tragic ending. however, i skipped some of the episodes and watched the final episode somewhere in the beginning of 2012. the drama started off with this young pretty girl, Shin Ji Hyun, rushing with her wedding preparations yet met with an accident. she ended up in a coma. as she was told that her life wasn’t meant to end at that point in time, she was given a second chance to live again, only if she can collect 3 genuine tears in 49 days, excluding those from her family. by switching bodies with a convenience store lady, Song Yi Kyung, between certain periods of the day whom she later found out that is her sister, ( classic korean drama twist) she set off to find those 3 genuine tears. the drama however is exceptionally draggy in this part so i thought it kinda lost the fire halfway. fortunately it finally picks up its pace when ji hyun finally found those 3 tears. she wakes up from her coma but only to find out that her happiness is short lived. apparently, her lifespan is ending ( yes ridiculous i know). though the plot has several loopholes, the emotions were heartfelt and the message was clear- cherish your life, your family, your friends and everybody who cares about you. the drama has revolved around this principle, in which i feel has outweighed its flaws.


god of study

if i were to rewatch any drama, this would be it. this is the first drama that made me feel so attached to it for it gave me a totally different form of enlightenment, not only just about studies, but more about the fighting spirit in life. it is explicitly motivating and inspiring, and is one drama that will make you feel ” what the hell am i doing with my life?!” the storyline basically shows how Kang Suk Ho, an attorney aims to send 5 students from an infamous ” toilet school” to Chun-Ha-Dae University, Korea’s most prestigious university. the climax is the last 2 episodes i would say, which i ended up sobbing uncontrollably while watching this in the wee hours of the day.  here’s a short clip from the drama which will probably show why i’m so hooked to it. 



honestly, i watched this drama out of absolute boredom and i did make the right choice. however, i would not recommend this to those who isn’t in favour of action-packed shows. as far as i can remember, there seem to be gunshots and deaths at almost every episode. the plot revolves around 2 friends who were initially in the special forces, but later on got chosen to join a black ops agency known as national security service (NSS). the story turned interesting when the male lead, kim hyun jun found out the truth of his parents’ death and the cruelty of reality. eventually, the romance he had with Choi Seung-he and his bromance with Jin Sa-woo were threatened or rather tested. i failed to catch any flaws from the drama probably because i was too into the action instead.  however, i made the absolutely wrong choice by watching one of the episode just before i go to bed, for that night i dreamt that i was shooting zombies (specifially L4D ones). if you aren’t afraid of blood, someone who can take suspense, and lots of action, this is the drama for you, just remember don’t watch it just before you sleep.


queen in hyun’s man, rooftop prince

both dramas include the plot of a guy in the Joseon dynasty travelling through time to Seoul and meeting the love of their lives. though the storyline for queen in hyun’s man was better organised and has fewer loopholes, park yoochun  has brought me lots of laughter especially in the first few episodes of rooftop prince. overall i would prefer queen in hyun’s man as the plot is honestly more attention grabbing compared to the comedy in RP. even though both dramas ended with a kiss (WHAT A SUCKY ENDING) queen in hyun’s man had a more rounded up final episode compared to RP’s, which kinda let the story hang in the air. if you are loving comedies and romance dramas, these are the dramas for you!


sungkyunkwan scandal

this is probably my first korean period drama and the first episode totally bores me. however, i chose to continue on, judging from all the fantastic reviews it had previously received. unsurprisingly, i’m now one of those who will recommend this drama. the plot started off with a girl disguising herself as a guy to enter sungkyunkwan university in place of her ill brother, hoping to save her family which was in desperate need for money. once again park yoochun’s acting skills made the whole drama interesting than ever. the greatest (Y) point for this drama would be the cast, as song joong ki, park yoochun and yoo ah in are 3 hot guys. okay i’m being shallow here i admit. however, other than these guys, this drama always takes an unexpected turn and will bound to surprise one pleasantly. thank goodness for these surprises and the cast, or the plot would be another cheesy one.


the moon that embraces the sun

this is so far the best korean period drama i’ve ever watched. i initially took no interest in this drama, but when i realised the male lead was kim soo hyun (he was previously the male lead for dream high and the drama was a huge success), i watched the drama right away, hoping that it wouldn’t disappoint me. thankfully, it didn’t. in fact, it made me fall in love with the joseon language and the way they speak in the past. while the child actors hook you in in the first 4 episodes, kim soo hyun and han ga in drew me in the second time, and left me craving for more even at the last episode. the plot was basically a love story between an offical’s daughter and the crown prince( who was later the king). with black magic involved and countless of unexpected twists, the story was brought up to just yet another level. what’s more, this is the first drama which i read synopsis of several episodes even before i watched the videos for the suspense is just too torturing. if you are someone who judges whether to continue watching the drama based on the first episode, this is the perfect drama for you to judge.


as for now, i’m currently in the midst of watching ” i do i do” which i’m 4 more episodes away from the final one. however, i would say that this is a yet another drama that i would recommend. i shall not write another long para on my review on it (since i have yet to finish) but if you love fashion, designing and KIDS, please do watch this!


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