and so, my last day in sg before i fly off is spent with some dudes, a jamming studio and lots and lots of music. it’s a pity our singer, rachel can’t join us today and so sungho took over her place while still holding up his guitar position. in any case, it was a greattttt jamming session for i finally, officially picked up bass guitar. i never knew its significance nor paid any interest in playing it, until sungho enlightened me recently. under the influence of these dudes, sungho and sengleong who constantly told me: ” you’ll like playing it!” “bass is fun!”, i finally picked it up. so after receiving several slaps of mocks from sungho who claimed that mocking me will make me smarter, he taught me the notes, scales and basic style of playing. kudos to him! kicking off the session with home, i struggled and probably only managed to get the hang of the bass feel towards the back in which we ended the session off with kockin’ on heaven’s door. my fingers feel like crap now from pressing, dragging and plucking but i had a hell lot of fun! bass may not shine the brightest, but without it, music isn’t anchored.  : >


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