back to reality

i am back from queensland- the smart state ( cars from queensland always have this on their car plates) it was an amazing trip and i’ve already foresee this post as a long one.


day 1 highlight – off to brisbane!

it was my first airplane flight ( after living for 17 years) and definitely my first time in australia. i didn’t manage to sleep a wink despite it being a night flight and was 7.5 hrs long. i was clinging onto my life during takeoff ( first time take plane what…) and the toilet flush totally made me jumped. we experienced thunderstorm during take-off and saw early sunrise at 4am plus brisbane time (2hrs faster than sg) . i honestly thought i was gonna starve throughout the flight but little did i know SQ fed us like pigs. by the time we were done with our final meal, it was already 3am brisbane time. and so all i did was tilt my head to the left and stared out at the window for the rest of the journey.



captured this amazing moment and it was indeed a breathtaking sight.

day 2 highlight- skiing down the sand!

we queued for approximately 3omin before checking out successfully. in a while, we were off to tangalooma resort in a ferry. tangalooma is an island full of wild sea creatures (like dolphins) with its sea colour ranging from green, turqoise and blue. in late afternoon, we took a tractor up a hill to a place in tangalooma otherwise known as “the desert”. the pictures below would have explained why it’s called a desert. the drive up there was the scariest road ride i ever had for both sides of the road are steep slopes but thankfully held in place by vegetation. just after the sunset, we were by the jetty again only this time to witness dolphins swimming near the shore to be fed. we were the lucky bunch who saw the baby dolphin and her mum swimming to shore to get fed as well. everyone were so amazed by those wild dolphins and kids were squealing away (how cute). before going back to our room, we bought a bowl of fries and they were heavenly good. i usually disliked thick chunky fries but tangalooma’s were too good to resist it.





spot me sliding down!





day 3 highlight- a koala wrapped her arms around me <;3

the next morning, we took a ferry back to brisbane airport before hopping on a coach to dreamworld. i'm not a big fan of thrilling rides but thank goodness dreamworld has more than those rides. within dreamworld, we witnessed sheep shearing, sheepdogs, alligators, kangaroos and even a phototaking session with koalas! i saw real life sheep and sheepdogs for the first time of my life and was amazed at how obedient those sheep were as well as how capable those sheepdogs were. of course, i held a koala for the first time too and it weighed so much heavier than i've imagined (they weight heavier than a baby). when the zookeeper passed her (the koala) to me, she wrapped her arms around me and i was stunned for a moment. she was so so cute and i feel like hugging her again hehehe. i ate churros for the first time and they were OH GOD, SO YUM! ( maybe the hot angmoh at the cashier played a role as well) 😛 we went to an abalone factory next and when it comes to tasting the abalone.. you know what happens to typical singaporeans.



my mum caught the sunrise!


sheep shearing!


day 4- i fed sheepkangarooslampsdonkeyshorse in new south whales!

after having an early night the previous day ( wasn’t much nighlife in gold coast and the hotel was too shiok), we’re off to catch a crab followed by the visit to a tropical fruit farm. during crabby catching, our first activity was to feed pelicans and when pelicans swam near our boat i can’t help but stare at their eyes for they look soooo weird! fed them with fishes and we’re off to catch small prawns (forgot what they were called) which were used for fishing later. though the activity was named catch a crab, it was more of rearing the cage of the crabs. and yes! humongous mudcrabs were inside those cages and their snipers look more than frightening (esp the males). it was known that these male mudcrabs usually fight to death, and even to the extent of eating the dead ones (scary cannibals). fishing was next but i didn’t join in for i thought it was far too cruel to catch the fishes and throw them back into the sea. we visited the oyster farm next before having our lunch at the restaurant just beside it. our lunch was a feast (fish and chips, fries, crabs, oysters). i gave my crab away but ate the oyster. guilty much but still, it was the freshest oyster i ever ate. tropical fruit farm was next on our agenda and we saw exotic fruits like the chocolate fruit (really does taste like chocolate) and volcano seeds (direct translation from chi). NSW have dozens of avogadro but it’s a pity i’m not fond of them. we rode a tram and came to an area that reared animals. feeding them with a packet of food was well.. interesting. the scariest was feeding the horse for it looks so big (though it was known as the gentle giant) and its tongue on my hand was just thick and full of saliva. YUCK. never did i know that kangaroos eat so slowly for they will take a bite and chew and chew and chew and chew. but all in all, it was a worthwhile experience considering the fact that i grew up in the busy city. australia super bee factory was our last venue of the day which we saw millions of itallian bees hard at work. gained pretty much knowledge about bees and we even witnessed the queen bee being fed with royal jelly!



fighting for fish are the pelicans!






guess which is the male/ female!



i was scared stiff omg





million, billion, zillion of bees!


doesn’t it give you chills?

day 5- queensland ballet!

it was supposedly a free and easy day but we had nowhere to go so the tour guide arranged a series of events for the majority of us while the rest were off to seaworld. we took a coach to brisbane and had our brisbane city tour! we passed by casinos, the story bridge, kangaroo point, tons of villas, countless of waterways, the wheel of brisbane and even came to the queensland performing centre. i caught the poster of sleeping beauty by queensland ballet and WOWWWWWW! other than that, other queensland ballet posters like the nutcracker and even swan lake were seen just outside the theatre! we went up the hill to see the whole of brisbane which is of course a spectacular sight! we went to a cheese factory next but i was so tired ( it was 35 degress celcius then) i slept on the coach instead. finally, we arrived at harbourtown which the shopping spree begins! though i wasn’t a keen shopper back in sg, i really wanted to see what aussie’s shopping centres are like and so i was pretty much enthusiastic ( energy died off after an hour later). guess our biggest gain was the slushie maker (it makes slurpy!) which we shared with an angmoh couple to get a discount. ^^




day 6- zoomed up 77th storey~!

movieworld in the morning and it was boring shit because the place is so small and the weather was 34 degree celcius. i really wasn’t in the mood for exciting rides. instead, we went for a hollywood stundriver show and it was really innovative, funny and entertaining! went for the 4D movie afterthat and concluded that USS was better. slacked the rest of the day away in a cafe and we’re off to skypoint at 5pm brisbane time. the highest floor was no doubt 77 storey and it only took us a mere 42s up there! the view was spectacular for we saw the whole of gold coast up there. people on the sea looked like ants and real life houses looked like toy houses. far away stood the mountains in western australia while just beside the skypoint is the pacific ocean, with waves perfect for surfing. (no wonder it’s called surfer’s paradise) had our final dinner at a cantonese restaurant and then we’re off to brisbane international airport back to singapore.





one of the stuntdriver in movieworld!



tweety bird is cute!


view from skypoint!




overall, it was truly a worthwhile trip for not only had i experienced several “first times” , the tour group had allowed me to learn how to deal with demanding people.. effectively. i saw how different people are from my family and though this trip was supposedly a getaway for me, i had faced the reality back there while getting along with the tour group.

of course when it comes to angmoh countries, angmohs are hot hot hot. from the moment i check in at changi airport, i had already started spazzing HAHAHA. hot angmohs are everywhere in aussie, WHAT A SIGHT i must say 😛 made several friends but i still stick to my parents nevertheless.

it’s not even 9pm (sg time) while i’m typing this but i’m already switching off. now, i really wanna go back to australia. australia, i’ll be back! more pics will be uploaded when i’m more awake i guess. for now, BYEEEE


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