xfactorusa has finally come to an end and while tate stevens fans are celebrating away, tons of carly angels isn’t really pleased with the result. and i have to say, i am one of them. though i’m not a die-hard carly fan, i just thought that carly deserved that $5million contract far more than tate stevens. nevertheless, carly will have a long road ahead and this 2nd place might just yet be another stepping stone to a $10million contract 😛

contestants have come a long way and so have the audience! i didn’t start watching this show from the top but only intercepted during the top 20 (or is it 16). call me flickle-minded, i’ve changed my liking several times throughout this show but they always say “the first is always the most memorable” and it sure is for this case!

5th harmony

i fell straight in love with them when i first heard their version of “we’re never ever getting back together” and thought their fire nearly extinguished halfway but they came back after LA’s harsh comment ” there’s no harmony”. great that they pulled through the semi-finals and got third place. ( well, 1D had gotten 3rd place as in xfactoruk too)

1432- we are never ever getting back together

1432- skyscraper

diamond white was the next girl that caught my attention and the fact that she came back into the competition after getting eliminated by britney spears proves that she does have the potential to stay in the competition! and here’s my fav performance by her.

diamond white- because you love me

the 13 year old beatrice miller was the trigger that made me listen to oldies and i truly miss her voice in xfactor!

beatrice miller- chasing cars

i used to skip all of vino alan’s perfomance until the top 12 performance which he sang “when a man loves a woman”. i actually preferred his vocals to tate stevens. oops

vino alan- when a man loves a woman

i thought enblem 3 is just like 1D and thus paid no attention, until i chanced upon their performance of “secrets” by one republic. for a period of time, i even thought their harmonizing was better than 5th harmony. later on, i watched their audition and i was even more impressed when they had the courage to perform their original song. what’s even more impressive is it’s arranged really nicely!

enblem 3- secrets

enblem 3- audition

” carly rose sonenclar is sensational” i can now understand why people say that. i’d love to upload every performance by her but instead i’ll upload those that gave me chills the most HAHAA. i watched her audition last night and just like LA said, she’s indeed a star.

carly rose  sonenclar- my heart will go on

carly rose sonenclar- imagine

carly rose sonenclar- how do i live

carly rose sonenclar- hallelujah

carly rose sonenclar- audition

cece frey’s attitude totally spiced up the whole competition. her fighting spirit is admirable and though she sang for survival for almost every week, she still came back fighting and did not admit defeat. though she can’t win over carly’s raw talent, her fighting spirit is the best and that’s why i love her.

cece frey- audition

cece frey- wind beneath my wings

cece frey- because of you


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