How many acres how much light

I’ve been contemplating quite a bit about the concept of time. (Sorry for the interjection: I found it amusing that I’d just considered between the use of quite a bit and quite a lot and found them saying the same thing ahaha)

The tangible part of time is in clocks, which is as far as most people are concerned with. We use the 12 hour clocks with 60 minutes amounting to an hour and 60 seconds to a minute. Things below the second suddenly becomes a decimal system. Since young I’ve always been vexed and annoyed at the use of 12 and 60 instead of the usual base 10 that my digits can account for.

You might not remember, but time was such an unfamiliar concept. It is a language unto itself. It is like teaching somebody the meaning of words like “to” and “the”. You cannot teach time without…

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