i’m not a shopaholic

yet i just spent 4 hours on shopping today. i’ll probably not shop for the next month or so because in actual fact, i detest shopping. but look! who doesn’t love getting new stuff? though 4 hours was spent on shopping alone today, i only returned with 2 buys which i’m guilty of already. i had really wanted to get that pair of studded boots (what’s more it was a cheap deal)  but wise shopper chengce said ” it’s not a pair of shoes which can be worn to any occasion.” true that, but the image of that pair of shoes is still lingering somewhere in my mind.

shopping with chengce is always guaranteed that i will not return empty-handed. not only has she been my adviser and decider for all the shopping sprees, she certainly did put in a great deal of effort in helping me with my prom outfit back last year. thinking back, now it seems like i’ll only agree to go on serious shopping trips with her and only her.

back to the topic of shopping today ( always am sidetracking), we walked a little more than half of bugis street but all in all we returned with what we loved! guess my greatest hesitant moment was whether to get the cropped top or not. it was only after 20 minutes did i bravely walked to the cashier with that cropped top. i honestly need to get that 1 pack off my belly now.

as for now, sleep comes first. goodbye.


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