Like a symphony

i’ve been putting la la by the cab on replay today and that explains my title. so while waiting for my physics hw to download itself into my comp ( yes i haven’t done it yet), i shall update a little.

out of boredom today, i picked up the straits times that was lying on my coffee table. though articles like the passing of the gang-raped Indian lady had gained my sympathy, what gained by empathy was an article in the “Think” section- The dirty truth about Singapore. sure enough as i read through the whole article, i can’t help but nod and agree with some pointers while feeling ashamed at some, not because i’m guilty of those actions, but instead ashamed of being a singaporean.

Let me quote what Han Fook Hwang, the writer of this article said ” The issue of how to get Singaporeans to be more civic-minded has been an evergreen one because there are just too many examples of bad behaviour which have gone uncorrected for too long.” to add on, many ( not only singaporeans) have a great inertia towards change and i’m of no exception. let’s not even talk about coming together to deal with the worldwide concern of our Mother Earth. For singaporeans to suddenly become more gracious in putting away our trays after EVERY meal in a hawker centres/ food courts/ fast-food restaurant, or even what seemed like an easy yet courteous action of not blocking the train door, is actually no simple task. blasting music in the public, endless of squeezing in buses and trains, litter bugs, these are just few of the many ungracious actions we see sadly as a norm now in the singapore society.

i remembered my chinese teacher ( who was from china) told us ” the promotion of Singapore being a  clean and green city has really been effective in bringing more foreigners to this little red dot!” being the honest us, we told her ” singapore is not as clean as you think it is. though singapore is famous for its laws and penalty fees, litter bugs can still be found everywhere” her face turned from enthusiastic to disappointed upon hearing our words. giving such honest yet blunt comments are from us, the locals.

the famous/ infamous gallup survey which singapore was smacked right at the bottom of 148 countries for lacking emotions and for being the least positive sure has caused a great uproar not only in the opinion section of the straits times but also everywhere in social networking sites. indeed, many individuals wrote in to argue that singaporeans did display strong emotions especially during cases of the train breakdown or when skipping a queue in front of singaporeans. though these caused laughter and some made some sense, it however shouldn’t be something which we should be proud of. this probably shows how angsty, impatient and even to some extent, unreasonable singaporeans are. well, it’s a matter of perspective i guess. surviving in a fast paced and competitive society is indeed a major task but this should not deter us from feeling happy or helping others.

quoting again from the same article, the author said ” Singaporeans don’t feel strong enough that they are one community and will look after one another.” while i’m being skeptical about the latter, i am guilty for being part of the former. every year, i’ll only feel really proud of singapore during national day celebrations ( seeing how far we have come) and during the win of every soccer match/ season. sadly, this patriotic feeling dies down after a while and will only be regenerated again during the national day celebration the following year. i guess, all of us, not only just the government should really start working towards building a strong identity of singapore.


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