reflection time


favourite quote of the year.


loud music, huge crowds, curfews, these are the reason why countdown parties isn’t my cup of tea. while it is indeed true that we should end the year off with a celebration and embrace the new year, countdown parties certainly isn’t the only option. tiring parties aside, it’s always good to do some insights and reflections ( oh god pw) about this one whole hectic year.


stepping into jc isn’t my choice but i entered this route nonetheless, with the mindset that ” there can only be successes, no room for failures”. in about a month’s time, i was proven that such mindset is absolutely wrong. in fact, i’ve made more failures than successes this year. however, seeing it from a positive light, people always say “every failure is a step closer to success” isnt it. i have made horribly high standards in terms of studies for myself in the beginning of the year and i’m incredibly shameful to say that i didn’t even achieve half of it by the end of promos. throughout my 10 years of education in singapore, this year is the first time i broke down over studies. not that i achieved flying colours in the past, it’s just that i don’t see my hard work paying off this year. frustration is something i have to constantly overcome this year and it sure is a tough battle. it is only now do i realise that though hard work is essential to the road of success, studying smart is really a significant skill too. though i scraped through the promotion criteria this time, i believe i won’t be so lucky the next time round and i honestly, seriously had to give it my all.


Pw was a totally new subject to all Jc1 students and while my friends are complaining about their groupings, i sincerely am thankful for mine. from the silence when we’re out of ideas to the smiles, claps and cheers when we’re back on track, it was indeed a great experience working with my pw mates. in fact, our group seems like the only group who did the whole written report together as a group and not split parts to every individual. though i had a love-hate relationship with pw, asking me to redo the whole thing from scratch would be a big nono, for it really is too tiring.


i still remembered the night before the reporting day at nanyang jc where i was pondering on how to made new friends, after not making much of them for 3 years. on the day itself, it in fact is pretty awkward in our og group as nobody seems friendly enough to make me take the initiative. ultimately, i resort to judging my og mates and start spotting for kpop fans ( huge kpop fan back then). my first strike was a bingo and that probably encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and make new friends. that, was probably my first hurdle of the year, for i really forgotten on how to make new friends.


the 2nd hurdle would be class orientation for NONE of my og mates are in my class and i had to make new friends again. thankfully this time, i saw more familiar faces like seng leong ( primary school friend) and nicholas ( secondary school friend). my first ever friend in 1224 was probably shannon who left us after 3 days ( you bitch :< ) one thing that i was right from the moment our class sat in a circle doing self intro till this very day is that i’m in a mugger class. to say if it’s fortunate or not, it really depends. nevertheless, i’ve met interesting people in the class who have indeed taught me various life lessons. and for that, i am thankful.


it’s sad that i only have so few significant events that i can rmb now in this whole 2012 year. i’ve indeed became more result-orientated this year due to stress and expectations. though it does make me sound like a nerd, i’m still pretty much alive, kicking and laughing away. jc has indeed opened my vision of the world to yet another level and though it’s still hard for me to accept some stuff, i believe the poly route won’t be any easier.


2012 is one of the toughest year ever but 2013 will be harder for i have As waiting for me. this time, it’s not just about passing the criteria, it’s about getting the As and Bs, and getting into university. lastly, to those souls who are really tired of thus year out there, this is for you:

me: this is really tiring i don’t think i can continue staying strong the next year.

friend: you know why people find it tiring? it’s because they view this journey as a whole and they don’t break it up. after every failure, learn from your mistakes and start afresh, but be mindful of the past mistakes.


that’s right. start afresh and only then can you come back stronger.


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