1st class chalet in 2013

Just as how ben commented that I was whinning away yesterday about mosquito bites, I’m certainly still annoyed with the 9 small red patches all over my 2 legs. However, other than the ulu location of the chalet and the invasion of mosquitos which I believed had a feast yesterday, class chalet was really fun! Initially, I was seriously contemplating if I should go considering my curfew was 10.30pm. After giving it much thought during cca, I finally met Dwayne and joon weng at lorong chuan station. It was a longggg journey to our chalet itself considering that we alighted at the wrong stop at first, then finding out it’s impossible for us to check in without a 18 year old person present ( till a Samaritan came by) and walking to all corners of aloha changi except to our own chalet ( till geog student seng leong picked up the map and led us there). Nevertheless, it was a really huge chalet with 4 bedrooms and 3 toilets in the 2nd storey. We kicked off the chalet with a few rounds of tai di, then another few rounds of bridge among sl, ben zk and sara while the rest watched an action-packed movie which I can’t remember the name. I’m a huge fan of action movies, but watching these friends of mine playing intense mind games won me over. Thereafter, I was glued to the tv which was playing a movie called “tangled”. Yes I know I’m reaching 18 but I still love fairytale and cartoon movies okay, DON’T JUDGE. Pizza came afterwards and for a moment the only sound was us munching away. The rest continued with some random movie while sara and I cleared the table and in ready for majong. Oh yes I finally learnt majong and in fact I’m already addicted to it! Sadly, happy times were short-lived for I only played a few speedy rounds with them ( with help from sara, Alvin and Dwayne) before I have to rush to meet my curfew. A few shots of class photo was taken with a not-very-appealing curtain as our backdrop before I went out with Jolene and xinhong while Dwayne, joon weng and yong ghee were nice enough to accompany us till our bus arrived. And guess what…

I reached home at 11.20pm.

Meanwhile, as I’m typing this post, I’m dying to jam but we can’t seem to arrive at a suitable time. Le sighpie.


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