all jumbled up


And so I guess my life started today. I was filled with mixed feelings when I got up in the morning, both excited to be back to school yet dreading that I’m an official J2 student now. The trip to school is just like any bus rides, with earpiece plugged in and me engrossed in a book ( I’m into ebooks nowadays) . the first thing that got me out of my comfort zone is the absence of amanda, my classmate for the past year. She was always an early bird back last year and would arrive in school roughly the same time as me. We would either sit down watching vids , talking about music ( xfactor was going on back then) or rarely at times, rushing through homework that is due that day. Today however, I sat there alone and waves of emptiness punctured my heart. she truly is someone I’ll miss seeing.

The next thing that got me out of my comfort zone is the repetitive nags that we are now J2 students. While the principal of RJC kindly the students to be happier, probably an action taken after the survey which reflected Singaporeans to be emotionless, our principal hammered on us the importance of studying and slacking is definitely out of the question. Though the timetable looks much more appealing with the absence of Chinese and pw, the addition of hours for H1 subjects and supplementary lessons as well as the realization that the biggest examination in my 12 years of education is just 302 days away, it brought me both worry and fear. And this feeling is surely not something I’ve felt before, not even during my O level year.

The last wave that hit me today was the battle against lethargy. It’s only been the first day of my hell and I found myself fighting to stay awake and focus while trying to do some productive homework in the afternoon. Though the afternoon heat played a part to my sleepiness, my screwed body clock was another determining factor as well. I guess the battle against sleepiness will be a constant one from now on. LE SIGHPIE.


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