growing up

i can’t believe i’m turning 18 in just a few months time, especially since childhood memories are still vivid at the back of my mind. as a j2 student, other than turning into a geek, i am surprisingly confused… about my future. while the saying goes ” do not worry about the future for it has yet to come”, i find it guilty and irresponsible of myself for not grasping a hold of my future. i’ve always been the indecisive one, jumping from one potential future job to another. from a detective to a doctor to a psychologist to events management, this has probably showed how fickle- minded i actually am. while i find a meaningful purpose in each and every of this job, the passion and desire somehow dies down after a while. though my dad told me to focus on As at the moment, i honestly find it hard to do well in something if i have no goal nor drive.

life is becoming more complicated and is definitely testing my limits. and sure enough, a following year will always be a tougher year than the previous one, because we’re all still growing up and the harsh reality is dawning on us, bit by bit. it is times like these where i miss my childhood days dearly.


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