gone all wrong

having a friend who’s in the same frequency as you, having a friend who understands you best among your circle of friends, having a friend who spoke about theories of life with, having a friend who you spend hours having deep emotional talks with, having a friend who helped you to see who you are and what you wanna be, having a friend who answers your queries about life…

i miss those times. life was hectic and many a times frustrating back then, but i was at peace in heart. life is even more hectic today, yet i feel even more empty and constantly having internal wars with myself. a change is probably what i need and this isn’t the first time i’m feeling this way. at times i’ve succeeded in making the change, other times i just fall back into my comfort zone. i’m honestly sick of myself nowadays and more often than not, i regretted the words i said. i even thought that if i were to look at myself in my everyday life, i would have detested this girl.

this is probably one of those times where deep down i build walls around me, shunning away from the rest and living in my own world till i’m enlightened. for the start, i’m digging out all the past theories he once told me.


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