awkward turtle

in the midst of rushing all my tutorials, i got frustrated. frustrated at the sums i can’t seem to crack and getting even more annoyed after stupidly checking my agenda list.

homework aside, reunion dinner was real awkward for me today. to think that i’ve forgotten which floor my grandma stayed after visiting for over 10 years is just pure embarrassment. over the years i’ve found myself getting quieter during the annual reunion dinner with my extended family. might have been the awkwardness or what nots but i found myself talking less and eating more as the years fly by.  but fortunately, my youngest cousin made my day.

i’ve always love kids and though she’s been on Earth for 6 years, today is the first day i played with her. i was ever so grateful that i initiated to play with her not only because she made my day but my love for kids blossomed.  it’s awesome how she and i can have so much fun just with 1 ping pong ball. funny as it sounds, it reminds me the simplicity of life- how your world seems to be shining just with a simple thing.

i’ve never seen a kid like her who lovessssss to play so much for today is the first time i feel so drained after playing with a child. tiring but satisfying i must say. as i thought about the fun we had while walking towards the car preparing to go home, i felt a small hand holding onto my hand and oh my gosh that warm feeling is so indescribable.

one day, i’m gonna have a kid like her hehe  ^^


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