time will pass me by

funny how i come up with a million things i wanna blog about while washing up yet when i actually sit here and ready to type, my disorganized thoughts left me staring at this page for quite a while.

just hope this WILL NEVER happen in any of my exams hehehe.

yesterday was the release of pw results and during the parents’ dialogue session last year the pw department said ” most of the time if your child didn’t get a B it’ll be an A, and vice versa” i’m glad i fitted in exactly what the pw dept has said but well yes, i got a B. to say it’s satisfying/ dissatisfying is wrong, for i didn’t expect an A grade from the start. of course the desire was there and that was probably the push in making me the ” eh guys.. so how?” person in the group. all in all, grades sure is important but working with NY111 has taught me more stuff than just grades alone. A B may be a disappointment to some but hey! pw has been a long and arduous journey which has served as a reflective platform upon our own personality at times as well. through the commitment, frustrations, joy and relief that we have gone through, i am thankful for being part of this tedious journey and this is probably one of the rare times i truly felt that the process is much more significant than the result.



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