what a holiday

so i’ve been told i haven’t been blogging for ages and such realization probably explained my presence here. 1st week of hols is coming to an end, which means i’m inching closer towards myes. sadly, i’m still as unmotivated as ever and often find myself studying just because i need to. i have using fatigue and the insane weather as an excuse of not doing work but i know i need to get my engine going. people around me have been discussing plans on U-turning if myes were not well done and with the recent article about the increasing trend of JC people leaping to poly route halfway, i pondered once again my reason for being in NY. putting regrets aside, i know it isn’t my want to be in JC but once again, i wouldn’t know what poly to choose from, even if i were to make a decision now. so in a way or another, i still can’t decide whether i’ve regretted or not. all i know is, i wanna get my ass out of this hell asap, like really ASAP.


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