How the time passed away, all the trouble that we gave

my eyes sting and i’m having a sneezing marathon, probably due to the haze. i’m letting it stop me from studying but weird as it seems more random thoughts flood my mind instead. i must have been too free. nevertheless, i didn’t stop those thoughts from entering and instead tried to make some sense out of them. things have been bothering me for months and just when i thought i should let go, i became hesitant again. i am unsure of what’s the right step to take but i’m even more afraid of the status quo. am i worsening it or letting it cool off,  i feel like i’m waiting for a trigger to make a decision.

in the past, the thing i hate most are misunderstandings and i will grab every chance possible to clear it off. but now that i’ve seen some of my past futile efforts, it makes me wonder if it’s really worth clearing those misunderstandings. i gotta admit i’m watching opportunities slide by and i’m taking the safe side instead. makes me wonder what’s wrong with me.

ignorance is a bliss.


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