if love is what you need, a soldier I will be



saw these cute miffy cookies on tumblr and i got reminded of my childhood. forgot how they became part of my possession, but i can never forget their name, even after 10 years down the road. cherry and berry were named not just by me, but was given after much brainstorming with my 2 other cousins. they had their miffies as well and all our miffies look similar, but NOT the same. cherry and berry are probably my only childhood toys that i keep till today, probably because of my cousins’ constant questioning of their existence ( sometimes i think they love my plushies more than i do), because they are made in Japan ( not like the products nowadays, oops), because of my mum’s constant effort in washing them whenever they turn grey or simply because i like that nostalgic feeling when i look at them. if i were to choose the best memory i ever had with my 2 cousins, it would be the going over to their house or sometimes my house and lining up them on our beds, and of course playing with them. ( of course not forgetting the powerpuff girls days >;) )

since i’m on this topic, the community centre near my house just had this dumpling festival celebration ( LAG SIA) where the kids had this colouring competition in the newly built indoor sports hall just opposite my block. walking past the hall and seeing the judging taking place, my childhood days of joining those competitions with my cousins came flooding into my mind. back then when the hall wasn’t built, we were allowed to go anywhere in the neighbourhood region to complete our drawing/ colouring and we’re forever picking the playground spot, away from the crowd. while my 2 cousins are good artists ( at least from what i can rmb HEHE) who had absolutely no problem in drawing or colouring pictures that impressed me no matter how long i stared at it, i being the not so artistic one were always getting help from my mum ( YES I CHEATED HEH) i honestly thought i had forgotten all about these seemingly small and insignificant childhood times, but the memory was surprisingly vivid. it was just at the back of my head, the feeling in a corner of my heart and with a trigger, i felt the simplicity of life once more, at least for those few yet precious minutes.


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