cakes are too mainstream…

and so we made bread today! it was my virgin experience baking stuff actually, usually i would just eat the end product you see… sharon and i would have probably failed terribly if not for her sister. sharon even had to call her dad regarding the weighing of flour. instruction said leave the mixture in the machine for 55 min and only take it out to roll the dough after 45 min. but guess what we all did? we took the mixture out 15min after it entered the machine. OH GOSH. clever karin suggested restarting the machine and putting the mixture in after 15min have passed, so that the dough can continue to be mixed. and it actually worked! next comes our 2nd disaster. sharon’s house had no roller to flatten the dough. so we resorted to spamming our hands with flour and flattening it with our bare hands. resultant dough is supposed to be rectangular but ours ended up circular. OH WELL. our 3rd disaster: it was supposed to be cinnamon bread but hey cinnamon sugar was nowhere to be found. fortunately, sharon found this bottle of coca powder well hidden in a corner of a cabinet. yup, we substituted cinnamon powder with the coca powder! 4th disaster: after putting the “rolled” dough in the machine again, we doubted whether it’s even baking, for the waiting time did not even budge an inch. it was pretty obvious that sharon and i kinda lost hope in the midst of our doubts, but still we decided to leave the machine there to see what happened. meanwhile we went off to macs to satisfy our cravings after watching a youtube vid of bidding for the hello kitty toy at $120k. halfway while walking back her house, sharon received a whatsapp picture of our finished bread. and after adding some filter, it looked like this!

the bread honestly smelled good and though the 3 of us were doubtful of the taste initially, we decided to just take a bite. and WALAH. it actually tastes surprisingly good! (though the cranberries tasted like raisins :< ) the colour was beautiful and the fragrance when it entered your mouth is great.



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