big challenge

after every exam, i would pick one drama to watch and this time is of no exception. there were so many drama recommendations on websites and given my interest in korean period dramas (after i watched the moon that embraces the sun), without surprise i picked “Gu’s family book”. yes a korean period drama. a drama would usually take me 2 or at most 3 days to finish watching but i took 4 days to complete this. i wouldn’t say this is the best drama i’ve ever watched, in fact i thought that the ending wasn’t well planned. in short, this drama is about fantasy, life and trust. i would say Gu family book isn’t a fast paced drama but more of which for people to sit back and slowly understand and eventually apply to the viwer’s own life. i skipped some of the long-winded conversations but managed to catch some of the insightful ones. not only it made me realize how weak mankind actually is( which probably is the reason for their cruelty) it taught the issue of trust.

and so, i took a leap of faith and  broke out of character twice in a day. honestly i had no idea where the sudden surge of courage came from. maybe i felt that it’s time to stop waiting for things to happen or maybe it’s the trust that triggered me. the 2 significant events that i made by choice drained the hell out of me. they say the first is always the most difficult, but stepping out of one’s comfort zone makes everything more fearful than ever. in any case, i am thankful to all the outcomes.

“The opposite of fear is trust.” 

– Gu’s Family Book


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