attitude of gratitude

“The greatest things in life are not things.”

i’ve been pretty sheltered and have people in my life who i can rely on so far in my life. on one hand, i’m genuinely thankful and grateful for having their presence, but on the other what happens if they walk out of your life suddenly? what’s left is probably the impact and memories that are bound to turn vague was time goes on. yesterday i learnt purpose, today i learn how to cherish. Morris said ” only when you know how to die do you know how to live”, and this is seemingly true that if one have not lost something dearly, “cherish” is nothing more than a word which everyone emphasizes. oh and probably an overrated one. but today, fear was so caught up within me, especially after i recalled a line from nick vujicic yesterday. ” Have you told your loved ones that you love them? Is there someone you have yet to forgive? Is there someone you have yet to apologise?” and after that he gave us 60 seconds to think about it. i won’t deny it for when i went through my 18 years of life (oops i nearly typed 17 there), several people popped into my mind and i ended up with tears in my eyes, but thankfully i held them in. amongst all the fear i’ve encountered, nothing is compared to when you know something is wrong yet there seems like there’s nothing you can do. helplessness really scare the shit out of me.


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