purpose, faith, courage

4 years ago i was sobbing in front of the computer while coming across youtube videos of nick vujicic. just a few hours ago, i was honored to be one of the 5,000 audience sitting the The Star Theater and listening to his speech of hope. while i’ve always been skeptical of motivational workshops/ talks, this wasn’t the case for the amazing speaker i met tonight. the anxiety in getting those tickets, oh my goodness, i really hate buying tickets online HAHA. in any case, i was fortunate enough to spend a 2.5 hr with this inspiration of mine tonight. just a few days ago, i feel myself running out of steam, feeling motivated to do NOTHING and simply lost sight of what i was fighting for. even after a long encouragement message from my dear old friend, telling me that ” to struggle is a privilege”, i view it as an adversity i wished it never did exist. but as i am typing here with my heavy eyelids, i feel refreshed, enlightened and ready to finish this marathon once again. though nick vujicic’s circumstances did have a certain impact, he is nevertheless one of the best speaker i’ve ever seen. throughout the entire 2.5 hrs, he presented his 8 principles of life and my greatest take away is “purpose”.

“Purpose ignites courage. Courage is strength to do something you’re afraid. Faith is reaching for a potential you can’t see. You do not reach your full potential if you do not seek. You do not seek if you do not believe.”

and then it brings me back to when a friend told me ” you don’t study because you like it. Take your dad for an example. Why do you think he works? Because he likes it? No! Because he needs to support the family, that’s his purpose.” tonight, i found my purpose again.


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