you say it best, when you say nothing at all

as i visit starbucks recently, the first thing that automatically came out of my mouth at the counter is ” tall/grande vanilla latte, hot please.” they say gemini are quick to change, i guess that explains my change in coffee taste once again! what impressed me was not the taste, but instead the artistry and effort put in it. out of the 4-5 times i’ve ordered, coffee art was present on 2 occasions. i honestly can’t contain my excitement when i saw it and such artistry actually made my grumpy days better! ( yeah i’m pretty grumpy when i’m stressed)

anyway i happen to chance upon this vid. while this video sure reminds me of geog ( yikes i’m so unprepared), and i can’t help but think that this would be not only a feasible but innovative strategy for e-waste. oh and yes, that’s pw for you HAHAHA. nevertheless, i’m pretty supportive of such an idea i actually went forth and promote on tumblr! oh and it actually have over a million plus views more than apple’s 5s video though they’re both released on the same day ^^ let’s all increase the social reach!


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