I’ve officially graduated! While heading to school in the window seat this morning with rain pouring, this trip to school became a trip back to 2 years ago, where i graduated from Xinmin. As sentimental as it may be, i remembered shedding tears the moment my geography teacher Mr Wong delivered his  speech. His usual way of greeting students was unique and I knew I would miss that form of greeting even after I had graduated. I was right. More tears came when the video montage of respective classes and teachers were shown. I somehow cried even harder upon receiving the bear hugs from my good friends and oops i made several of them cried. HEHE. with all these crying going on, I was feeling really tired by the time we were snapping pictures. One  memorable moment was when Justin grabbed the mic and asked for 202’09 to gather round for a picture with our dearest Ms Yap.  It was amazing how everyone (well, almost) ran to the stage upon hearing that and countless photos of us were taken. yes, that was the best class I ever had.

coming back to the present, I wondered how i would feel during the actual graduation ceremony held earlier today. back at Xinmin’s graduating ceremony, I knew exactly where I was heading to and all my emotions were focused on the reluctance of bidding farewell to my wonderful friends. Today, I graduated with a light-hearted mood with a slight tinge of reluctance. I have no idea where I’m going to after my A levels, it sure is unpredictable. I was having fun until the math department graduation video was shown. then it hit me, that I am going to leave this place i deemed as hell, saying goodbye to my friends, the amazing teachers and uniforms. and then, i realised i had enjoyed myself in nanyang more than i thought i had. the serendipities ( quote Ms Ang) had came by quietly and unknowingly, so much so I didn’t realise much of it until today.

thinking of the good times i have had in NY, somehow the first thing that came to my mind was jamming. jamming is something completely new to me before i stepped into NY and my music capability and fondness for it had been stagnant for years. the taking up of guitar and subsequently bass were instruments i had never thought i would pick up in my hectic 2 years in NY. in these mere 2 years, I’ve learnt so much about music, learn to jam as a team and definitely found enjoyment in doing so. from the fooling around with shitty songs ( call me maybe?) to the serious arrangement of songs, it had changed my music taste while increasing my passion for music by leaps and bounds.

throughout these 2 years, I’ve ranted, complained and whined about the mundane life of JC and how sluggish I feel every morning. For someone like me struggling to keep up with the pace of work, I often speculated if the JC route was the right one for me. Countless people have asked me if I had ever regretted choosing this path and I thought i would only have the answer upon receiving my A level results. but hey, i actually do have the answer now. as much as i hated the stupid routine and LONG curriculum of a JC student, the friends I value, the people I’m exposed to and the ever-encouraging teachers embarking this tedious yet worthy path with us had certainly taught me so many life lessons.

of course, if i had chosen the poly route, my life now is probably really different. One analogy is  the feeling one experiences while playing acoustic guitar for a moment and electric the next. both gave amazing yet different feels, and just like how a guitarist prefer a type of guitar over the other, I chose the conventional route of JC path 2 years back. and on the day I’ve graduated, I am confident enough to say that I’ve not regretted spending my 2 years in NYJC. these 2 years flew by really quickly but ironically, it is these times who you know exactly who your friends are, and who are the friends you will keep close to your heart for the rest of your life.


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