long bus rides cause nonsensical topics of conversations to surface, but this time the 40min-1hr bus ride to val’s house with rachel brought an idea up. rachel suggested creating a blog about post As activities so as to not waste this one and probably only break before we advance to being young adults. honestly i was intrigued by her idea and thought that it might be a good idea for me to start posting about my gap year.


day one of my post As was spent with two amazing girls, rachel and val as well as 1 furry boy called frisky (val’s dog). been ages since val and i went acoustic jamming together so we decided to have a session, this time with rachel! for i have not touched my guitar for a month, my fingers were burning in no time. we played on and the only song we arranged properly was story of my life. too bad we only recorded it once and honestly it sucks so i’m not posting it here. nevertheless it was so much funnnnnnn. would have been better if we could use the piano but since circumstances doesn’t allow, we made do with just guitar. funny how the sense of satisfaction after every jamming session never changes, for it felt like i’ve just satisfied my craving but i know i’ll be craving for more soon 😉


days 2 and 3 were spent out of singapore with tons of good food which has unfortunately caused me to gain a few rings round my stomach. they say you never go out of jb feeling hungry and yup it sure is true again this time. though my fam and i went to the usual shopping malls, we tried eateries this time and was glad to say we weren’t disappointed ^^ the view from the top floor of the hotel (26th storey) was amazing especially at time. it looked as it was a view from a plane. doing this food post in the morning makes me look like a pig, but well let’s just get on with it


we kicked off our journey with dessert at 11am in this famous Hong Kong dessert restaurant in city square mall (just beside M’sia custom) the right is something similar to mango sago, just that they replaced the pomelo with tang yuan (汤圆) mango icecream stands in the middle part and the dessert is overall a little sticky but not exceptionally sweet.  the left is chocolate crisp with chocolate chip. i thought it was small cubes of cake at first but it’s actually ice cream! it’s slighty sweeter than the mango sago but it’s not extremely chocolaty, which actually makes it addictive! definitely worth a shot but due to the limited seats, a long queue is uncommon >:


our next meal was at jusco, a shopping centre cum hypermart which was located at suburban areas and the journey from city square to jusco was about 20 min via cab. since our last visit to jb, dining at this restaurant again upon our next visit is a must. above were what we ordered for a total of less than S$40.  not only is the price decent, the quality of food is pretty awesome as well. the soft shell crab is crispy on the outside but the one can truly taste the meat on the inside.  it’s not really oily, which is what makes one crave more for it. however, one plate only serve 3 crabs and it costs about RM 15 bucks. on our previous visit, we tried the steamboat which was filling and the ingredients were really fresh. this time, we decided to give the ginseng chicken a shot and walahhhhhh it’s so so good. while the meat is still tender, the chicken bones were soft to the extend that it’s edible. the glutinous rice stuffed in the chicken made the meal even more fulfilling coupled with the concentrated ginseng soup. funny how it’s not as bitter as other ginseng soup and with no msg added, it makes the soup even more impressive. the soup alone costs RM32 but with the side dishes it sum up to a total of RM48. one thing for sure, i’m coming back again for more ^^



i heard that this is known as “lok lok” and it’s a eatery beside a small road. while some of the sticks were bbq-ed, others were fried or steamed. the highlight was the chili actually, which unfortunately i did not take. with the choice of 4 different kinds of chili, the spiciest was the reddest followed by the green one. the spices added was no joke but it sure made the food tastier. my camera doesn’t do justice to the food but honestly it actually tastes better than it looks. this place also sell fuck blood, something no longer sold in singapore. though i was initially hesitant to try it, i was glad i finally did. the texture was unique and there was actually no blood taste. so yup, it’s not as yucky as i thought it was. this is located at quite a remote place which my family and i walked to. however, it should take about 10-15 min if traveled by cab. 


this is located in KSL shopping centre, and is both our supper and breakfast. while the you tiao is nothing special, the porridge is perfect. it’s not the watery porridge but the grains of rice are barely visible. its gooiness is probably what made it so good such that we had this for 2 meals consecutively. it’s fairly cheap, though i can’t remember the price exactly and once again my camera sucks.


this was our final meal meal leaving jb and the pictures depicted tom yum and mango salad. the tom yum is no joke in which my family and i were exhaling fire. to give it a comparison, it’s twice as spicy as nakhon kitchen’s thick base tom yum soup. but the feeling when i ate this was ” even though it’s spicy i still want to eat it” because it’s really good. though not all the ingredients are really fresh, the soup made up for it ^^. the highlight of the meal was the mango salad. though my mum’s mango salad has always been pretty good, i have to admit that this is better. it’s amazing how the ingredients absorb the sauce and the taste of the sauce is the finishing taste of every mouth. the spices added made the sauce sweet, sour and spicy, all of which with different degree. it’s my first time seeing a mango salad this watery but i never thought it would be this good. this stall is a makeshift stall located in ksl shopping centre. once again, the price is pretty decent given the quality of food!

a dish i didn’t manage to take a picture of was penang laksa, which was located around the same area as the tomyum stall above. the portion is large considering the price and the taste is superb. i was anticipating so much for it i started eating without thinking when the food arrived. the soup base is more of sour than spicy and together with pieces of sardine, the dish is made to impress. it’s not difficult to locate its stall since the smell is pretty strong in its level.

there, i’m done with the food post, and that sums up my first 3 days of gap year. i guess it’s time i need to start working out.


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