soooooo i went on another food expedition! had previously wanted to go penny university and wimbly lu but they are all closed on mondays. what a pity ): what’s more, it was raining on Monday and M1 network just had to crash. but well, sharon and i still went ahead ^^


first stop was canopy dining and bar(bishan park) it’s a brunch place as you can see and the food is really good coupled with a decent price! the soup of the day, which i suspected is pumpkin soup, is relatively thick and not as sweet as i thought it might be. perfect for breakfast yummmm. as for main course, i ordered the smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. though i was pretty tempted to try out the poached ones, i decided to leave it to Hatched the next time i visit holland v. while the scrambled eggs is rather smooth and cooked to the right degree, the smoked salmon is really fresh (as seen from the colour of the flesh). however, i thought that the taste of salmon was rather raw instead of smoked. but either way its taste together with the eggs is YUMMY. will be back for 2nd visit again!


our next stop was a dessert shop, though it sell snacks like sandwiches. there’s a promotion on weekdays from 3-6pm where a slice of cake and a choice of coffee/ tea costs S$6.95. honestly, it’s one of the hardest cafe to locate. with its awkward corner location at the back of ngee ann city, it’s truly one of the best hidden cafes in singapore. nevertheless, the dessert didn’t disappoint us! we ordered the carrot cake and was actually surprised by the taste! the insides are actually moist and with chunks of walnuts as well as strips of carrots, it gave off a distinctive taste. i’m not really sure what the outer layer is, because it looks like cheese but doesn’t really taste like one. unlike other cakes which their insides are kinda dry, marmalade toast definitely has one of the better cakes in town at a decent price.

oh yay done with another food post! ^^


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