story of my life

considering that I’m done with 3-4 dramas since As has ended probably hinted that i’ve spent a couple of nights staying up. with that, i’m ashamed to say that i’ve left my guitar untouched since day 1 of post As. while my fingers are peeling really badly now, it’s been ages since i was able to learn guitar tutorials without having to worry about homework šŸ˜›

for the past few days, this ominous pessimistic feeling had been overwhelming me and probably the cause of my weariness. being aware that i’m living in the past certainly didn’t help, until i picked up my guitar this morning. funny how strumming a few chords and listening to the sound of guitar actually made me feel a little refreshed. as for now, i’m giving in to my tiredness. how abrupt to end the post but whatever.


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