Drama review: The Heirs

i’ve completed The Heirs the day after the last episode was aired and i was awaiting for some long verdict of the drama for days. since  it never came up, i shall do one instead.

honestly, the reason why i started this drama (especially when it’s near As period) was because of the cast. with articles harping on the unbelievably good chemistry between Lee Minho and Park Shinhye and Choi Jin Hyuk as one of the supporting character, i admitted that i grew curious.



having california, its beaches and waters as the opening scene is certainly the best choice ever. while it creates a fresh atmosphere and start, it however reminded me of secret garden and boys over flowers. i liked it how the show zoomed into Kim Tan and Eun Sang directly, zooming into details at times but not sacrificing the pace of the show.  all was well until the middle of episodes where it started to get a little draggy. this greatly reminds me of Personal Taste, another of Lee Minho’s drama which i gave up halfway when it got too draggy. personally, i thought that the plot was fairly decent, but there were certainly some instances which i thought that such high school romance isn’t as realistic as it seems. also, even though Kim Tan’s father was the main boulder in the relationship of Kim Tan and Eun Sang, i thought that the writers should have some creativity in “resolving” the dispute other than letting Eun Sang leave Kim Tan’s household each other. considering that they have put in quite an effort in creating the donut kiss and some other skinship which created a scene among the audience,   why not transfer some of these skills into plot writing? the coherence of the show went well, until it reaches the part when Kim Tan and Rachel’s engagement broke off. while it creates an opportunity for the audience to go awwwww when Kim Tan and Eun sang finally got together, it made one wonder what would happen to Rachel thereafter, which the writers had unfortunately neglected.  moreover, the writer had made Hyun Joo a character which only experiences heartbreaks and tears from her first scene to her last, making her seem like a convenience character whenever a loophole had to be fixed. while the ending was pretty much predictable, the only interesting part was Won’s ending which depicted the difference between himself and Kim Tan. it also serves as a reminder in which ” the one who wears the crown, bears the crown”.

character development


i thought that the writers actually did a pretty good job in terms of character development, even extending their scope to secondary characters. while everyone i know seem to hate Young Do in the show, i thought that his character development is the best, even surpassing that of Kim Tan’s and Eun Sang’s. Young Do is seen as the biggest bully in Empire High where he instilled fear in his peers, especially to those on welfare scholarships. the unpredictability and uncertainty of his emotions was so real, i found myself anticipating more of his scenes as the episodes crawled by. undoubtedly, from someone to object Kim Tan’s and Eun Sang’s romance initially to someone who mends their relationship eventually reflected the human nature in us once again- that his hateful side was merely a facade when in actual fact he was beyond lonely. the writers actually stated such loneliness of Young Do quite obviously through his speech which i thought wasn’t necessary for Kim Woo-Bin’s acting skills had already pulled it off. nevertheless, cudos to the writers!


Krystal’s character was another well-written one. initially, i doubted why the top scorer Chang- Young was dating such a heartless girl but was eventually convinced as the show went on. while Bo Na left a bimbo impression after the first few episodes, i came to realize her good when she first shared her room with Eun Sang, though it was an attempt to protect her boyfriend. overall, one will come to realize how cute Bo Na’s personality actually is and she is definitely one character which had injected much joy and liveliness into the show.


unfortunately, i thought that Rachel’s character was greatly neglected. after the first few episodes, i found myself craving for Rachel’s scenes since she was displayed as a pretty conflicted character. however, just as Kim Tan said ” the first door which i have to overcome is you (referring to Rachel)”, her character was pretty much thrown out of place when the romance between the main characters had moved on. i was expecting some sparks between Rachel and Hyo Shin but sadly after creating an awkward kiss scene between them, the development stopped there.


it definitely did a good job right from the start where the opening was filmed in US. it was consistent throughout and made an impact once again in episodes 19-20.


final say

i thought that the drama had too many characters, causing it to lose focus especially in the ending. if only there were more people supporting the relationship between the 2 main characters, the show would not have deflated towards the end. however, this is undoubtedly an addictive drama with a decent balance of heart-wrenching and happy moments. oh and not to mention the appropriate cliffhangers after every episodes. though not really realistic, it is still a light-hearted show, especially for fans of lee Minho and Choi Jin Hyuk (OMG).


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