dreams come slow

meeting up with an old friend occasionally not only reminiscences past memories but also proves how much we’ve NOT changed. one way or another, such meet ups form a certain nostalgic emotion, you knew straight away that was the missing piece in your life. while the last time i saw this friend of mine was around a year ago, and considered the fact that we hardly whatsapp till my As time, i was honestly speculating if the friendship had remained unchanged. funny how the first thing i did when i saw her was to embrace her, right in the middle of the mrt station. a simple dinner (not to mention my drenched shoes) and walk round the mall had never felt this cozy for a long time. guards were let down and i felt at ease more than ever.

before leaving, she gave me a bear hug once again, which aroused a surge of emotions i never saw it coming. and then i bid her farewell, knowing that i’ll miss her greatly. it was then i realised what was missing- genuineness. because she is such a genuine, sincere and simple person, plus the fact that i’ve not seen her for ages, painted the picture even more clearly than anyone else.

even as i’m writing this, the emotions inside me are really conflicted for my heart feels heavy yet light. abrupt ending but yeah, bye.


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