even the best fall down sometimes

it was a bittersweet feeling when i stepped out of LAA today but the fact that i’ll be going back for class observations( yes i need to start working on my coursework for teaching diploma) brings a little comfort– at least i’m not severing ties. all in all, it’s undoubtedly a wonderful experience and an unforgettable opportunity which i foresee will be useful in my future work life.  given the exposure i had to the society in these 4 weeks, i am truly thankful for all the ups and downs i have encountered through this time. working again after a break of a year felt great, but the weight of crown is getting heavier as years fly by.

they say “people don’t change, only their priorities change while their basic personality remains.”

i switched my priorities around before entering LAA and i’m glad i’ve sustained it throughout the whole course. This attachment allowed me to grow, recognize the superficial and sincerity as well as to witness the hope and beauty in this world. on a lighter note, i had no idea how to decorate a christmas tree until a few weeks back when i actually tried it first-hand. at the end of each task, although small somehow made me understand myself better, slowly leading me to the path i desired. there was never such a job which had given me a chance to understanding my strengths and weaknesses is probably one of the biggest lesson i’ve learnt throughout this course given the myriad of tasks i was assigned to.

honestly i think this makes a better reflection than the required one. Yasmin can just read this, right Man Chun? i know you’re reading this.


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