session 2!

lesson learnt from cafe hopping session 1: never visit cafes on mondays or tuesdays since they are most likely closed

sharon and i did learn our lesson indeed! cafe hopping once again with this big eater friend of mine and we managed to visit the cafes we missed out on the previous session.

stop 1: Penny University


An artisanal coffee cafe near East Coast Road which is a brunch avenue. It is pretty easy to find since its location is along the main road. personally the ambience is really good, given that it went for the vintage feel. its furniture are usually dark-coloured and the table number is presented with a stand and an inverted cup. (lamp!) quite cute of them to do that actually!


i wasn’t expecting anything from the cinnamon hot chocolate so my first taste of it was really good. as i only took a sip or 2, i am not sure if one will actually get sick of the whole cup. right, the chocolate is thick but the cinnamon gave off its distinctive taste as well. to be honest, i will share this with a friend and not drink it alone though.


pardon the shitty photo, i was too excited to try it. i ordered the turkish eggs and it came with such a gigantic bowl, it was a bit of an exaggeration. the sauce is spicy yet sour due to the whipped yougurt present. however, i think that it tastes best when i mix the yolk of the poached eggs with the sauce. it turned more creamy and less sour than before. the toast provided was really good i wished i had more ): honestly, i would say that it is an innovative dish but a little too fancy for me with a price of $8.

the eggs on toast is above average, and i had to say that the quality of the scrambled eggs is better than canopy dining and bar. it is less soggy and saltiness is just nice, coupled with the toast beneath it. relatively small portion but comes with a decent price of $4.50!

stop 2: Wimbly Lu Chocolates


we wanted to visit this cafe in session 1 but it’s a pity it was closed on that day ( closed every Mondays). finally managed to try this cafe though i’ve heard many reviews that it is over-rated. i would say that it is relatively well hidden among the terrace houses in jalan riang, but the food quality is definitely a pleasant reward.


there is a total of 6 pieces of chicken nuggets in here initially but my friend ate one before i had the chance to take a full shot. nevertheless, the presentation is quite cute, considering they served it on a dim sum container. however, i would say that this dish is kinda pricey though the chicken is truly succulent. 6 chicken nuggets for $5 is something i will only try once.


so i saw ladyironchef commenting on how awesome this root beer cake is, i decided to try it myself. guess what, the taste really took me by surprise! though the sauce and cake itself is chocolaty, there is a slight root beer taste in it, something which is really refreshing. it is also equally thoughtful of them to add the vanilla ice cream alongside. the icy taste of the ice cream is just enough to prevent one from feeling too chocolaty and did not sacrifice any of the root beer taste. seriously this left me craving for more. $6 for this, definitely worth a try!


after tasting the waffles here at wimbly lu, i have no doubt that this place sells one of the best waffles in singapore. firstly, the waffles are thick, but it is crisp on the outside but soft on the inside. second, the salted caramel ice cream, coupled with the chocolate sauce gave the perfect combination on waffles. thirdly, one can’t smell the fragrance of waffles when it is first presented on the table. however, the aroma when i had my first bite is HEAVENLY. it was so good, my friend and i cleared the whole dish within minutes. $8.50 for this dish sounds a bit pricey but trust me, good things come with a price and this is the perfect example.

and so final verdict: wimbly lu is not an over-rated place if you are looking for desserts, especially WAFFLES.

3rd stop: Lola’s Cafe


our third and final stop is a cafe within the vicinity of Kovan. by the time we got here it is already evening so we had to go for the dinner menu. it is one of the easier cafes to be found for it is located near the main road. though the wall colours and furniture gives off a light vintage feel, the lighting is honestly kinda bad, especially for evening customers ):


my friend ordered the braised pork and when it was first presented the first thought that came to my mind was 18 chefs as they presented one of their dish on a chopping board as well. however, the cute pot is actually a plus point for lola’s cafe 😛 the sauce has quite a strong herbal taste but the spices undoubtedly gave off a distinctive fragrance. upon taking more sips, i realised that it resembled the seafood stew in table manners, just that this sauce is more bitter, thicker and has a stronger herbal taste. $13 for this dish but i would stick to table manners’ seafood stew.


blury picture again but this dish was surprisingly average. i had expected the seafood mariana to have a stronger white wine taste ( was stated in the menu that white wine is added) but all i can taste is tomato sauce. if you’re particular about the sauces, i would recommend Ambush’s white wine pasta since it has a bolder taste. on the other hand, the seafood is really fresh and i guess that’s the only good thing of the dish. 14 bucks for this? i thought lola’s cafe can do better.


we had lemonade tart for dessert which is also our final dish for the day. nope, it is not marshmallows on the top, it is actually roasted whipped cream. i felt that this dessert is exceptionally good for the lemon taste is strong and is a good distraction from the saltiness and bitterness of the previous dishes. its light flavour surprisingly made me crave for more of it! the only bad thing is that its crust is exceptionally hard so you really do need 2 hands to eat this. $5 for this and i would be more than willing to pay for it again.

there are many more cafes my friend and i would love to go but shall leave those till session 3! cafe hopping really burnt a big hole in my pocket and i’m really desperate for income now. le sigh, good food sure comes with a price.


One thought on “session 2!

  1. […] Several blogs mentioned that the potato chips are made from US Russet potatoes. While I know nuts about potatoes, one thing I am sure of is that these chips are definitely different from those in the supermarkets. In fact, they are way way different. With the fresh chips sliced to the right thinness coupled with the 2 dips available, they make the purrrrrrfect combination. I had been trying to make out the taste of the 2 dips throughout my meal but my taste buds just didn’t want to cooperate. The white sauce had a mixture of mustard and cheesy taste which results in a surprsingly light taste. In fact, it was thick and VERY creamy, something I really like. On the contrary, the red sauce was slightly watery but had a stronger taste. It has a taste similar to braised pork stew from lola’s cafe. ( full review here) […]

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