Drama Review: I Can Hear Your Voice


I finished this drama just a month ago and though this post came kinda late, I thought it would be a good drama to review on. It has been ages since I was last hooked onto a drama so badly, such that I was desperate to find out the ending yet unwilling to sacrifice any bit of detail. For the first time of my life, I wished I was a lawyer (thankfully this thought ended alongside the drama) and this is enough proof of how amazing the cast executed their roles.


Following the hit drama Dream High, Park Hye-Ryun continued showcasing her flawless writing skills in I Can Hear Your Voice. The pace of the drama was at breakneck speed, such that events happen faster than I thought they would have. However, I loved how she managed to seamlessly insert relationships among all the intense drama that is taking place. Character growth was also present throughout but was only prominent during the last few episodes upon the confirmation of extension. Only then did the drama slowed down and focused on more heartfelt and relatable issues.

I was skeptical of this drama initially since I wasn’t a fan of noona romance but the ratings changed my mind and WALAHHH this is one drama which blew me away.

Characters (major spoiler) :


Lee Jong Suk played the role of Soo Ha, a 19 year old guy who can read people’s mind with a simple eye contact. Sounds freaky but just like he said ” there are people in this world with IQs of 200, and others who can run a hundred meters in nine seconds, and so I’m just special, not a monster” (quote taken from dramabeans), Soo-Ha is one unique guy. This ability of his probably started the ball rolling, signifying that this drama is no typical noona romance. This show is a great test on Lee Jong Suk’s acting skills for the reversal of Soo-Ha is nothing but extreme. From his initial noisy world, to him losing his ability and memories after a car accident (sounds cliche but in fact not), it showcased a seemingly powerful Soo Ha for he can see through lies, to a Soo Ha who is vulnerable and someone who has to decipher truths and lies. Not only that, lee Jong Suk has to balance the feeling of man-boy character till the last few episodes, displaying an array of complex emotions and expressions. I am ever so glad that he took upon this role and mannnnn he sure is one star to look out for!


From comic to sorry, to lost, to panic, to rage, we saw Soo Ha grew from a boy to man, one who dedicate his life to protect that special one.


Hye Sung was played by Lee Bo Young, who showcased a lady of strong personality. This was even more prominent after she became a public defendant, but it was this same personality which made her the heroine which so many viewers love. Pride and practical doesn’t go well with each other but this was the perfect combination executed by Lee Bo Young. While one can witness her walls breaking down upon the entry of grown up Soo Ha (she had a history with the kiddy Soo Ha which she desperately want to forget) into her life, her charisma and principles in life remain unchanged, especially so on court. However, her perfect image isn’t all that she is. The writer wasn’t hesitant in uncovering hye Sung’s weak side, including admitting for her mistakes as well as throwing away her pride to plead for justice. This character seems so real and it was no doubt I was so drawn towards Hye Sung throughout the 18 episodes.

jung woong in i hear your voice

If Choi Young Do ( played by Kim Woo Bin in The Heirs) is the scariest bully in school, then Min Joon Kook (played by Jung Woong In) must have been the creepiest killer I’ve seen. I mean look at this, who doesn’t get chills down their spine?!


I was so glad for the extension, for I felt that the slow yet intense unvieling of Min Joon Kook’s history with Soo Ha’s father made us view Min Joon Kook in a different light– well at least for me; that he is in fact a typical man who does all that he can to save his late wife’s life but utterly failed to; that he is a victim behind those evil smirks and chilling looks. But still, just like what Hye Sung said to Soo Ha “If you do (kill him), then all the reasons disappear—what a terrible person Min Joon-gook is, why we hated him—those things disappear. The moment we kill him, we cease to be victims, and just become murderers ”  (quote taken from dramabeans)


Lee Dae Hee played the role of Seo Do Yeon in this drama and I really detest this awful character initially… till episode 6, where Do Yeon the prosecutor suggested a plan with a defendant regarding a twins case. However, that doesn’t change her arrogant and prideful character, until I reached episode 12 where Do Yeon spoke of her regretful past involving Hye Sung in her drunken state. With little character growth in the beginning, I was really glad the writer actually wrote a court case involving Do Yeon indirectly towards the end, tearing down her brave front as we watched her sob helplessly to Hye Sung. She sure is one interesting character to watch.


Another supporting role which I thought was crucial was Hye-Sung’s mum, played by the ‘Mum of South Korea’, Kim Hae Sook. From her standing up for Hye Sung to her cute dance when Hye Sung became a public defendant to her dying words for her daughter, she is someone who brought tears to my eyes and I was especially reluctant to see her go. Nevertheless, I thought it was a smart decision by the writer for the death of Hye Sung’s mum sure is impactful.

the best part:


Balance. The drama is mixed with life and death issues as well as a noona romance. Such seemingly impossible combination has been made amazingly possible in this drama. I love how the writer manipulated every court case to its maximum potential, both in the flow of drama, the links between cases as well as character growth. It amazes me how neat the whole story is displayed despite the myriad of events happening simultaneously.

Moreover, I love how the writer depicts the means of our main leads getting closer together, not through meaningless bickering but through serious court cases and the affectionate ways they cherish each other makes the whole drama heartwarming and addictive to watch.

I can surely say that this is one of the best dramas I’ve watched by far, given my willingness to read all the episode recaps before settling in to write this review. And finally… I’m done~!


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