Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words– Contemplation


The door opened and mean words echoed in my ears. Fellow peers of mine were doing nothing out of the ordinary but the whispers among them made me wince instantly. And there she is, entering the classroom quietly with her head hung low, as if wanting to be a wallflower.

Throughout the day, I observed her subtly, watching for any signs of frailty. And then I pondered if I should take a step forward to talk to her. And then, I got hesitant.

” Will I become the next target of my peers?”

” Will I end up with no one alongside me?”

” Will I be able.. to withstand those words?”

As these thoughts echoed through my mind, I sat back at my seat with a heavy heart.

As soon as the bell goes off, I watched her got up from her seat quietly and walked out of the classroom quickly, as if not wanting any attention.

My heart sank even further. She is, or rather was, my best friend.




As night falls, mixed feelings were stirred up in my heart as I wondered if I made the right decision. I felt guilty for not standing up for her when mean words were thrown at her but again I wondered what would happen to me if I tried being a superhero. I would probably fail terribly at it, digging my own grave and having the same ending as her. I can’t be alone, or at least I don’t have the courage to. She must be feeling terrible but is me saying nothing at all doing more harm to her?

The next day at school, she walked past me and as I cast my worried eyes at her, she looked back with such cold eyes I’ve never seen before. It isn’t eyes of anger… it is eyes of disappointment.


And then I knew right then, that my decision was wrong, that I had made a mistake in my life, that I had just lost a friend.




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