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Believe it or not, I actually started writing reviews after I read a long verdict of The Princess Man by thefangirlverdict . I’m still trying out review styles but honestly thefangirlverdict does really detailed reviews, so much so you’ll be swooned by it. So today I chanced upon this liebster post by the sole writer of fangirlverdict and instead of a comment I shall write it up here.

Q1. For some people, kdrama literally saved their lives. What does kdrama mean to you?

It meant fusion of fantasy and reality to me, in which sometimes surfaced values in life which I had long forgotten about. Just like many others, I was touched, mesmerized and deeply inspired by many kdramas. From the seemingly shallow reason of killing time, to the mere curiosity of kdramas and even to sentimental reasons of how kdramas stirred up courage, hope and positive emotions within oneself, it is undeniable that kdramas had affected lives in a way or another. As for mine, it isn’t to the extent of saving my life, but in a way portray realities within fantasies with professional acting and skillful cinematography– which I thought was pretty magical. Kdramas brought me back to ancient times through sageuk dramas ( which I really love), witness the transformation of the past and present through time travel dramas, and of course experience fan girl moments through romance comedies. All of these emotions which was deemed impossible to feel in our mundane life had been dug up thoroughly through these myriad range of dramas. As for that, I am truly thankful 😉

2. Which is your favorite comfort-food drama? Your go-to drama when everything feels bleargh and you just wanna feel better?


I have this habit of not returning to a drama after I’ve watched it once, probably feeling afraid that I will lose interest and love for it. However, if I were to choose one, I would pick Shining Inheritance, a 2009 drama starring Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo. It is a drama of life, in which showcases how people face adversities in life, how and why people stick to their decisions and values. It gives a very down-to-earth feel throughout the 28 episodes and I just could not have enough of it. Since the values portrayed in this drama is fairly relatable to people from all walks of life, I would strongly recommend this drama and of course is the drama I would return to when I feel like shit.

3. Who’s your favorite kdrama character and why?


The all-so-mighty Jjang Byun. ^^ I was hesitant between Jang Hye Sung of I Can Hear Your Voice and Go Eun Sung in Shining Inheritance. While one is a public defendant full of flaws and the latter is a down-to-earth girl with introspective thoughts, I became more inclined towards Hye Sung eventually. Every viewer can see that Hye Sung is a prideful woman, but her growth is equally significant. Amongst the noona romance and interesting court cases, I thought that her acknowledgment of her mistake in the twins case changed my view towards her. That I believe, was the show’s turning point and that made me watch out for this public defendant more than ever.

It is true that Eun Sang’s personality is admirable as well, but the show had portrayed her thoughts as part of her basic personality and focused more on the growth of Sun Woo Hwan (played by Lee Seung Gi). While I enjoyed watching Eun Sang’s influence on Woo Hwan, I was even more drawn towards Hye Sung who took off her egoistic mask and become a jjang byun ultimately. Though that growth of hers was filled with heartache, tears and laughter, it was filled with courage and faith. Admirable indeed.


1.  Liebstar Shower [Round 2]


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