Singing competition Kpop Star has never caught my attention from its first season to the third until the recent debut of the winner from the 2nd season. I came across several articles about them these days but merely scrolled past them. It was only when a fellow blogger posted one of their music videos as part of her kpop rant did I hear their voices and genre for the first time.

Refreshing is the word. I absolutely love the tone colour of Soo Hyun and alongside her brother with his guitar, they make some splendid yet neat harmony with impressive chemistry. And as a result they are indeed a pair of admirable folk artistes.

Showcasing their composing, rapping and singing skills on their audition probably marks their first step into the music industry. The second stems from their covers of songs, ( GD- One of a kind, Miss A- Breathe, SHINee- Ring Ding Dong) wherein their style of music truly shines. Their wittiness( especially in song lyrics) is the third step and the most attention grabbing one for me. With Kpop artistes revolving around the concept of sexy/ stylish/ smart for their comeback stage, I am glad that Akdong Musicians went for something different and something more substantial. Rather than focusing on their outlooks, they shifted their attention to the quality of their songs, resulting in deep yet fun 11 self-composed songs.

Their audition video truly manifest their style right from the start. From their version of Breathe by Miss A to their self-composed song of Don’t Cross Your Leg (which a witty and fun song), it isn’t hard to realise how great  potential they behold and I am so so glad that they chose to debut under YG.

I had a hard time picking my fav song from their debut album Play for I put a different song on replay depending on my circumstances. It feels like an album filled with growth and personality and I’m relieved such notable artistes still exist in the superficial Kpop world. I am in love with their album but my only disappointment lies in the omission of Don’t Cross Your Leg in the album ):

Lastly, I shall end this post with their newest and in my opinion the most heartfelt music video. ^^


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