Zero to Hero, Day One: Introduce Yourself

Having signed up for Blogging 101 on wordpress, here’s to the 1st assignment!

I’ve always viewed blogging as a form of reflection and a blog serves as a  platform to jot down memories deemed meaningful to me. In the past, I blogged more for myself by keeping a private blog, similar to having a personal journal. Few years later, I switched over to wordpress and I realized that I’ve started to blog more for others. Hiding behind a screen and sharing one’s thoughts to the world might seem cowardly but this seems to me the only way to voice opinions in this largely populated globe.

Nonetheless, this is still a personal blog which I can reflect and pen down my thought process. Nobody is obliged to read this site of mine as all the blog posts written here are merely my own personal experiences and thoughts ( except for the re-blogged ones).

As someone who has commitment issues, I’m unsure if I can complete all daily assignments nor can I promise to keep my blog going but one thing I am sure of is that my love for writing increases with every blog post published. :>


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