” I’m almost always hungry.”

Payday means it’s time for some cafe hopping but I restrained myself to 2 cafes this time round, both in the upp thomson region. It was a weekend coupled with an insane weather so the crowd itself was a major turn off in hopping several cafes.


First up, I finally had my share of experience at Habitat Coffee. It is right smacked in the middle amongst the row of shophouses along the main road and can be easily spotted from the bus stop. As such, business is crazily good especially on weekends and I have to wait 45 mins for a seat.

Selling comfort food at an affordable price is the 1st milestone for a cafe. However fusion of food quality and its theme earned the title of a successful cafe in my opinion. While I was splendidly impressed by the brunch, some speculation aroused regarding the quality of coffee. But again, coffee itself is subjective and personally I thought 40 Hands did better.


Given the name of the cafe itself, I was prepared for some thick and smooth coffee. Besides the pretty coffee art, I felt like my flat white was too thin. Compared to the latte I ordered at 40 Hands previously, this cup of flat white didn’t quite hit the mark. With less foam and milk, coffee itself was supposed to stand out but no, fragrance and thickness of coffee at 40 Hands did a better job.


On the other hand, this cafe knew how to do brunch right. My friend ordered The Big Ben($14) in which I thought the portion was just right. A classic brunch but I felt that their scrambled eggs was much better than the one I had at Canopy Dining and Bar previously. It had a lighter taste but was also smoother and softer. And that means 1 thing- it was cooked to the right degree. Cudos to that!


I ordered Eggs Tomato Relish($15) and it definitely didn’t fall short of my expectations. From presentation to quality of food, it now holds the no. 1 spot on my favourite brunch list. Having a choice between scrambled and runny eggs, I chose the latter for I was worried my scrambled eggs would be overcooked on a pan. Using a wooden board as a base, toast was served alongside a pan of tomato sauce with eggs, baby spinach and bacon. Finally something different from the usual poached eggs on toast or smoked salmon. Because the sweet yet slightly sour paste was served in a pan, it was kept warm throughout my meal and together with runny eggs on toast, it is the best combination thus far.

The ambience was a little lacking probably because of the brunch crowd but the staff were friendly midst their business. It is a well-light cafe but I would recommend to visit it on weekdays instead.

233 Upp Thomson Road SINGAPORE 574355




Little Part 1 cafe was next on my list and it is pretty well hidden considering its location being in a small alley. It was nearly empty when I visited and this indie cafe gave me a passive feel right away under its dimly lit lights. I would say it is the perfect place to relax even on weekends afternoon.


We ordered Original Spicy Buffalo Wings($10.90) which came together with a dip. Though it wasn’t the best wings I had, it sure had a unique taste which left me craving for more. The splash of spiciness and tinge of sourness  together with the crisp of the skin was certainly inviting.


I really like the ambience here in Little Part 1 cafe from its wall of photos to its signature quote ” I’m almost always hungry”. Funny as it seems, it makes me want to keep this cafe as a hideout given the unique flavour of the restaurant.  However, with the relatively new branch of Carpenter and Cook next door, I can literally feel the crowd swarming the place soon. Before that happens, pay a visit before it’s too late!

15 Jasmine Road SINGAPORE 576584

http://www.littlepart1cafe.com.sg/  (reservation can be made)


Best thing about both restaurants: No service charge or GST ^^


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