Tell me why why why~

Attending CNBLUE concert was one of my rare impulsive decisions, not to even mention I chose to squeeze with everyone in the standing pit.  I walked out of the concert hall with an immediate sore throat, hungry tummy, muscle aches and exhaustion I never thought I would experience from a concert.

Going to a band concert had always been on my bucket list and given that I had missed FT Island’s concerts so many times, my impulsiveness brought me to their junior’s concert instead. It wasn’t a fancy stage right from the start as compared to the previous concerts I’ve been to. With no solo stages and only changing their outfits once plus a relatively short encore stage, it did not sound all that appealing. While many told me that the ticket price and the length of concert wasn’t worth the adrenaline rush, I felt otherwise. Probably because it was of my newbie experience in moshpit, perhaps it’s because the sound of live instruments, perhaps it’s because of the image of the band.

CNBLUE’s music was charming in their own way and I was swooned by every member’s performance, ranging from vocalist to drummer. While the sight and sound of band instruments make me nostalgic on one hand,  it unleashed my well-kept inner fan girl side of me. Shallow as it may seem, it was fun fun and more fun jumping and screaming lyrics with the band on stage. It was real fun and it had been really ages since I last had so much fun.

The best part about going to a concert which you knew less than half of the songs is that you got to understand the gist of music the band took upon.  Band groups generally fall behind idol groups because of the lack in dance segment which was replaced by instruments in their hands. While this had placed much restriction in fan service, I thought it had placed more focus on music itself. With a night filled with familiar faces, cheering, screaming, music, successful fan projects and handsome faces, I was thankful I was part of all these. While I still wouldn’t consider myself as a BOICE, I definitely appreciate CNBLUE’s music much better now :>

And yes, 2nd row in mosh pit means more interaction but blurry pictures ):



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