even the stars they burn

If there is one thing you can unearth, what would it be? I found myself unearthing my past self occasionally and sometimes unknowingly. Yesterday happened to be one of such case. I eventually pulled my lazy ass away from the lethargy and made a decision which should have been made long time ago. Finally, am I going for dance twice a week. Reason being I could feel my physical self failing me at this stage ): Crashing the intermediate class was actually more fun than expected. With shorter and simpler exercises, I amazingly had more strength in executing all the centre exercises yesterday as compared to when I did the examination 3 years ago. It actually felt good when I revisited exercises or even a single step which was deemed challenging at that point in time. Completing yesterday’s lesson honestly felt refreshing and accomplished. With random traces of the examinations horror during the lesson, it made this grade more nostalgic than ever. And now back to the actual horror- how am I going to get through advance 1…


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