Day One: Unlock the Mind

The complexity in emotions tires me out.

For a moment I hate the world and in the next I’m angry with myself.

I am unsure with what mindset I should have when faced upon such situation.

And this is especially so when people I deemed closest to start leaving one by one.

I was afraid, saddened, helpless and above all unsure.

I kept rethinking if I made the wrong decision and if such persistence will do any help.

Like a nightmare turned into reality, it was horrible and suffocating.

As much as I yearned to run away, I found myself rooted to where I still am.

For the longest time ever, I shut myself within 4 walls.

Shutting it tight, I avoided all interactions.

And for the longest time ever, I struggled with my thoughts.

As far as I’m ready to peek out the window, the timidness in me grew as well.

But as for now I won’t back down just yet.


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