Day Two: A Room with a View (Or Just a View)

Few days back I was stuck in the hospital for an entire day, basically a not so appealing day. With my official first visit to SGH as a patient, my father described it as closing an account in KK and opening a brand new one in SGH. Nice metaphor but honestly the feeling wasn’t so nice. Transferring to SGH meant that I was entering adulthood and that I was leaving behind an old yet familiar place. Blabbering on random instances during my operation turned out to be fun yet nostalgic.  Surprisingly enough, there wasn’t any painful instant in my bundle of memories and that was when I realised it was a matter of choice.

Today because of those memorable moments, I yearned to go back 14 years ago and witness my stay in the hospital room. Midst the pain and fatigue from post operation, relieving the thankful and genuinely happy instances would probably make me a better person today. If I could see what I had went through myself as a child, I would not be as insecure and uncertain today. We need such triggers at certain points in life and as for me I need it now and I hope those fond remembrances will suffice.


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