Day Four: The Serial Killer

Funny how I found myself having random images of my childhood days when I’m sick in bed these days. Childhood had this universal image of bring pure, innocent and beautiful. However, it wasn’t so during the times when I was experiencing childhood myself. With this current distant image I’m left with, I now understand how beautiful and endearing those times were.

Because of the countless medicine and treatments I had to go through, I enjoyed my play time more and probably felt like the world was within my control when I was able to take a sip of orange juice. Because I was uncomfortable with my physically weak body I could not be happier when my parents brought home a family dollhouse set. Because of the timeless care from my family, I was able to pull through those times and create unique memories which I still hold close to my heart today.

With such fond memories coming back to me at such prime time, it depicts a similar situation as to what I’m facing now. While going through a difficult time, I felt a wave of relief whooshed by me for it provided me with the strength I need. One thing that remained unchanged was the presence of family and for that I am truly thankful.


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