Not lavender latte

Lavender was out of my way all along but since I was there to run some errands, might as well relish the inner cafe hopper inside me yup? While there are still some cafes in the area under my radar, I shall explore them during my next visit.


1. The Tiramisu Hero

After countless tries of brunch, I’m finally up for some sweet treats. Fused with whipped mascarpone cheese for every flavor on the menu, this classic Italian dessert left me craving for a richer taste.


While I like the hit of caffeine upon my first mouth, I would better appreciate a dryer texture for the cake itself. A sweet tooth would probably choose cinnamon/chocolate flavor over my choice of Classic. The safe choice of packaging would probably be the MommaHero ( S$7.50) which happened to be their signature mascot. ( oh boy it’s really cute)


My cousin and I also gave the Truffle Eggs Bacon Roll(S$10.50) a shot. While it sure is a pricy dish, I gave a 9/10 for its uniqueness. I was almost fooled by the scrambled egg-liked texture, for the inside had the exact taste of steam eggs. Alongside the  bacon and a generous portion of mushrooms, it created a distinctive taste and name for itself. Unfortunately, not all the insides of the 3 pieces were cooked to the right degree; in fact they were slightly overcooked. One small step left to perfection though!


Similarly to many cafes out there, they sell accessories and even coffee beans at the entrance. Of course, what impressed me the most is the dedication in the interior despite the limited space. From covering the ‘frontyard’ with artifical grass to quirky images of Sir Antonio( yes that Roman cat) on the ceiling, the vintage light bulbs on the ladders gave off a cozy setting. While I am pretty sure they are busy during dinner, it is still a worthy cafe to drop by during a lazy weekday afternoon.

121 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207548

Mon-Tue, Thu-Sun: 11am-10pm


2. Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Despite it being a coffee bar, even a coffee addict like me craves for other beverages at times. While I had heard awesome reviews about the iced dip coffee, the insane weather made me crave for something else refreshing. As a result, I went for the home made iced lemonade(S$5) instead.

And it was my best choice of the day.

The almighty Mr Sun probably contributed to my love for this drink but I was truly overwhelmed by it. When the sourness kicked in upon the first sip, I was real thankful for the mint leaves, which gave a sweet after taste! I love chewing mint leaves so I was glad they added a few of it :>

I was tempted by the smoked salmon sandwich I saw online but I was just plain unlucky. They had changed the menu and apparently they took this supposed awesome dish away. Darn it.


My cousin and I ended up with The Huat Breakfast (S$17). The only highlight of the dish was probably the over-easy eggs which I thought was pretty well done!  It sure was a filling portion but just like many reviews had mentioned, coffee overrides food here. It wasn’t all that satisfying but I guess was satisfactory enough.

Being a popular cafe itself, the dimly-lit cafe and never-ending crowd apparently didn’t stop cafe hoppers from visiting. One thing that intrigued me the most was to the way to enter the cafe itself. Enter not by what you deem as the main door, but instead the metal gates!

Nice twist there.

150 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207563

Tue – Fri: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

On a side note, I’m into Lim Kim recently so here’s a song!


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