Of course, there are people who did all of the above. Located just a few units from Penny University, Mad Nest had never caught my eye until its EatDrinkArt Exhibition which my cousin took part in.

But wait, food first.

MAD_NEST-Branding-Design_Stationery-Menus-Namecards-Plating-Utensils-Placemats-Coasters-UNIFORM-July2012photo credits:
MAD_NEST-Interior_Shoot-Back_Left_to_Front_Dining_Tables-Landscape-UNIFORM-July2012photo credits:

Serving an eclectic array of cuisine, it was either a break or make for this place. While some dishes turned out better than the rest, the ambiance was crowned as the wow factor at the end of the day.

Mad Nest was previously known as Mad Thai and as the name suggested, it served mainly Thai food before fusion took its spot. Coincidentally, all our main dishes that day happened to be Thai.

img_5547copyThe Tom Yum Chicken Soup felt a little too choppy for me. Though the broth was thick, the richness in spices did not quite hit the mark. For someone who preferred strong-flavored food, Nakhon Kitchen definitely did better with their much cheaper Tom Yum soup. 赞啦!

img_5548copyTom Yum Seafood Rice on the other hand was a tad too salty for me despite its generous portion. However, it made an awesome combination to the taste buds with the Tom Yum chicken soup. If only it was spicier…

img_5497copyI was in the mood for some sliced fish that day hence my order- Rice set with Ginger Sliced Fish. While the portion of the sauce could barely suffice me, the thickness of it was cooked to the right degree. The downside was that it was a little too cold and too bland to eat with rice. Yes, picky eater is me. The sliced fish was nothing out of the ordinary but the egg totally made my day. The entire yolk was runny, just like how I like my eggs to be! Awesome possum ^^. Personally, I still preferred the Sliced Fish rice set I had at the zi char stall in Bedok Hawker Centre. Tastier sauce, fresher fish, generous portion, and most importantly CHEAP.


Despite a table full of Thai dishes, none could be compared to the Jap side dish, Oishii Maki. From the grilled eel to the homemade mayo, it was an addictive dish which left every one of us scraping the plate for more. With only 8 pieces for total of $16, pricey is the word but this had got to be one of the best sushi I ever had. Even an avocado anti-fan like me love it, what more can you say?

img_5493copySimilar to Artistry, Mad Nest provided an avenue for local artists in showcasing their talents. It created an ambiance similar to art galleries, if only one could ignore  whiff of food from the table beside yours. With the large space dedicated to the patrons, it never got too noisy or uncomfortable to catch up with friends.

If I will make a 2nd visit? Maybe, if I’m feeling rich enough to indulge in the Oishii Maki but I’ll probably spend as much time as the first in choosing my mains. Secluded location but if you’re down at Penny for a cup of coffee, why not?


Mon — Fri: 4pm to 1am
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 11am to 1am



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