Good old days

Just as backpackers head back when they miss home, circumstances led me down the memory lane, back to where I first started music. I found myself rummaging for my old guzheng scores, be it solo or ensemble. While I took a long time in arranging the huge pile of scores, the post-its I used to stick on my files caught my eye.

Sticky notes were filled with reminders which once held one of the keys to the prestigious Gold with Honors award. This was probably the time where I genuinely enjoyed the guzheng the most, because music was all it matters. It was difficult but not frustrating. It was tiring but not tedious. It was basically a journey which was made less arduous because it was enjoyable.

After 1 year, the sound of guzheng finally filled my home. It was thrilling, exhilarating but mostly nostalgic.

I’m home. :>


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