What’s going on in that beautiful mind


There are countless ways to understand oneself; and while I saw changes in me through conversations with old friends, I found myself inching towards the type of person I envisioned to be through interaction with strangers.

Thinking back, I was glad for the courage I attained during impulsive moments while I was working in Daiso. If I had not stepped out of my comfort zone then, I would probably have missed the core purpose as to why people chose to work in the service line.

Working in the service line meant being on the losing end, where even the most eloquent speakers were forced to bow their heads and walk away. Numerous customers visited this store with all items worth $2 often arrived at the cashier counters with the “yayapapaya” face. Sickening.

With disgust, I learn tolerance ( at the expense of my blood pressure) and grew more appreciative towards others. Occasionally Rarely when friendly customers came to my cashier, hallelujah. A sad society we live in, but well let’s face it- society isn’t a fairytale, nor is it a wish granting factory, it is the brutal reality in life.

I went for a typical job interview just yesterday and while it is of innate nature to feel uncomfortable revealing oneself to strangers, I found myself unexpectedly at ease throughout the 30mins. A leap of faith had changed a part of me unknowingly and so I guess this is probably it meant by the quote “change is constant”.


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