The One Thing That Holds Most People Back From Getting What They Want

Thought Catalog

Ryan VaarsiRyan Vaarsi

When people talk about their dreams they talk about them as something they are going to start working towards “as soon as.”

As soon as I pay my dues in this entry level job I will able to work towards my dream career.

As soon as someone gives me a chance my music/writing will become popular.

As soon as I find a boss who understands me, I’ll be able to make my job what I want it to be.

As soon as my partner stops stressing me out I will be nicer to them.

The truth is that no one hands you your dreams on a silver platter. People will agree with this consciously but make excuses about it subconsciously. It’s easier to blame others or external circumstances when the truth is always internal. It’s not about who is going to let you live your dreams or who…

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