The unchanged


It was only recently did I realise how little time I had spent with my dad. The weekly saturday lunch during sec school days became my mugging time in jc days and now spent lazing around. I had never realised how much I had unknowingly cherished the lamentations and conversations during lunches with my dad all these while, until I was given another chance to do so.

It was an impromptu decision and it was merely 2 cups of tea in the middle of a shopping mall. From pensive conversations to amusing ones, the only thing that changed throughout all these years were merely topics for conversations.  The unchanged within the change felt amazingly comforting and the fact that this was coming from a loved one gifted me a plethora of nostalgia and gratitude.

The sprout of thankfulness is slowly growing on me and has changed my slant in several aspects I had never thought it will. While the ability to reignite the past is a miracle, the ability to embrace the unchanged within a change is the best one can ask for.


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